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owo What is this?

Toranneko is a Tamagotchi-like game where you take care of a little cat folk that is full of love... But there is more, Toranneko is also a Pomodoro Timer!

What is that you ask?

The timer is used for the Pomodoro Technique, a time management method used for working, studying, pair programming and others:

  1. You set a timer at 25min (traditionally), during this time you do your work and can't do anything else.
  2. After finishing that you get a short rest, usually 5min, where you can do whatever you want.
  3. Then you restart the main timer and work again, you do that 1-2 loop four times and get a long rest of usually 15min.

Inside the Toranneko_Data/ folder you will find the TimerData.txt where you can change all those values.

While you can look at the timer in-game by clicking at the Pomodoro menu option, don't worry though, your cat will be sure to tell you when it's time to rest or work if you have let the alerts turned on!

How to Play:

At the start of the game you will receive your very own cat egg! What do you mean "cats don't come from eggs?", they obviously do!

Gently pat your egg until it hatches into your very own cat companion.
As they are just born, they surely will be hungry, so give then something to eat.

At this point we recommend you to select a suitable zoom size at the menu and move the game window somewhere where it won't bother you while working, then you can make it Borderless and AlwaysOnTop, allowing you to see your cat playing around while you work!

As cats are very independent, they know how to take care of themselves, but they won't deny any helping hand.

In consideration to not interrupt you, they will ask for help only during your breaks, they might be Hungry, Sick, Feeling Down or their room might just be too Dirty.

Hungry:  Feed something from the menu until your cat is satisfied. You will know if they accepted it by the little heart icon that will popup up! Remember that different foods have different impact on your cat stats.

Sick: Click on the cat to give them the most top of the line medicine, instantly curing any ailments!

Feeling Down: Pat your cat until it feels better!

Dirty: Select Clean on the menu to clean their room. PSA: Cats might not like vacuum cleaners.

Changing Your Cat:

If for any reason you did not like your cat, while we are very sad and sorry for that, there are ways to get a new one:

At your Toranneko_Data/ folder you will find the CharacterData.txt file, if you delete it and restart the game you will be given another egg, and therefore another random cat.

If life is already too hard and you just want to feel good, don't feel bad for it, you can edit your cat to suit yourself! At the same CharacterData.txt file mentioned previously, you can change the skin, hair and eye indexes to the color you want, being those:




So for example, if you want a blue hair you can just change it to "hairIndex": 0,

Thank You!

Many thanks for playing this game and I hope you continue to support us at TinyBirdGames! 💙

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